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The Complete Solution for Optical Networking

NTSG is a quality leader in outsourced advanced optical network integration services for carriers, equipment manufacturers, enterprise clients and other service providers.  Our highly skilled professionals can handle the most complex network implementation projects. 

When speed, quality and cost control are vital, let NTSG be your strategic engineering and integration services partner.  NTSG is the answer for installation, expansion, upgrades and optimization of your optical network infrastructure.

Whether you are looking to outsource your entire engineering effort , or simply supplement basic coverage gaps, our portfolio of services provides the flexible level of support you need.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

Optical Cable Builder

NTSG recently added a new fiber optic cable assembly lab at our facility in Lexington, Kentucky.  NTSG is now able to quickly build and test custom ordered fiber optic jumper cables at very competitive prices.  Utilizing the latest state of the art manufacturing and testing equipment our quality and workmanship is guaranteed.  If you only need a few jumpers in a tight spot or several hundred for a complete install, visit our Optical Cable Builder page now!

Project Management

NTSG has created a formula that works for our business model and, most importantly, our clients' needs.  Our integrated team of Project Managers, Engineers and Field Technicians work closely together on all NTSG projects.  NTSG believes first class service is a result of understanding and managing every angle of a project.  Our best in class Project Management practices coupled with our extensive experience has enabled NTSG teams to successfully complete thousands of optical network deployment projects.  With our on-site secured warehousing facility, laboratory, and testing facility, we can manage virtually any optical project big or small.  If you need advanced optical  integration services via your service provider or want to simply connect two points via fiber optic networking make NTSG your first choice.

Equipment Staging

NTSG's Equipment Staging Center is comprised of a large warehouse and a state of the art equipment staging laboratory.

We receive, inspect and track equipment for multiple projects on a daily basis.  Our inventory systems and practices enable us to quickly provide our clients with detailed information pertaining to the equipment for each of their individual projects.

NTSG's Equipment Staging Laboratory enables us to build, configure and test equipment to ensure all components are in working order prior to deployment.  NTSG has built and turned-up several networks, large and small, in our lab prior to field deployment.  This capability has enabled us to significantly shorten the amount of time required in the field to install, turn-up and test even the most complex of networks.

System Engineering

NTSG provides engineering and technical support to clients during the analysis, planning, implementation and operation of equipment into new or existing networks.  Working with our customers, NTSG can assist in determining the most practical technical solution and help to ensure equipment is optimally configured.

Our depth of knowledge and highly trained engineering group allows us to fulfill the EFI&T requirements of even the most complex optical networking projects while continuing to advance the standard for quality and value.  NTSG has the technical expertise and years of experience across various equipment platforms to Engineer, Furnish, Install, Test and Turn-up integrated optical technologies, especially DWDM and SONET applications.

NTSG is much more than an EFI&T services provider.  We solve technical issues and troubleshoot problems.  We can be your strategic optical network integration partner to deploy, optimize and upgrade your optical network.

In-Service Upgrades

At NTSG our technicians and installers have years of field experience which enables us to perform In Service Upgrades on site with virtually zero downtime. If there are strict requirements regarding downtime, make NTSG your first call.

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